I am running windowsXP SP2 and have a Toshiba SD-R5002 dvd burner. My problem is if I burn a CD-R the files are there and everything is fine however, when I try to burn a dvd-r it goes thru the motions of burning, I get the "burn successful" message, but, when the disk comes out of the burner it's blank, like I never burned to it at all. Doesn't matter what progam I use (ie. Nero 6.6, Alcohol 120%, ect.). I checked the firmware version and it's up to date. I've never had a problem before with this burner and suddenly it started doing this. Can anybody help?
on Jun 21, 2005
I am thinking one of two categories:

1 - the laser is not creating pits due to media problems or laser failure at lower wavelengths.
2 - information not being read before writing.

The only suggestions I would have are:

1 - Try a different brand DVD media
2 - Try recording with or without creating an image first (whichever you have not tried)
3 - Try writing at the slowest possible speed with Nero, and tell it to verify the data after writing
4 - Try uninstalling the drive using Device Manager, and reboot to force Windows to reinstall the drivers

That's it for me, good luck.
on Jun 21, 2005
One hopes it's not the wrong media....DVD-R vs DVD+R....
on Jun 22, 2005
Not the wrong media. It will only write to DVD-R. I have tried 2 different brands - Imation and Memorex which have both burned perfectly before but now I get nothing. Anyway, I'm going to try Corkys suggestion and let you know what happens. BRB
on Jun 22, 2005
If it's a "sudden" problem, it may be the drive has bitten the proverbial dust.
on Jun 24, 2005
Well, I think the dvd burning part of my burner is snafu. I completely reformatted reinstalled SP2 and then tried burning a dvd and still the same. Still burns CDRs great tho but DVDs are a no go. The media side has Something there but it's not as prominent as it was when it was burning correctly. So, I guess I'm off to the store, Thanks for the help tho guys, appreciate it.