I want to know how I add moons to my weather object. Any body know how to do this?? I guess I should be more clear. You know when you look at the weather object and you see todays weather and there is a sun or thunder cloud or fog image, well, I want to add moon images for when it is night time as well. Thanks.
on Apr 20, 2008
on Apr 20, 2008
Thanks Zubaz!!   
on Apr 21, 2008
Hi Redbuzzard!
Here is the weather image states for moon:

27 mostly cloudy (night)
29 partly cloudy (night)
31 clear (night)
33 fair (night)
45 thundershowers (night)
46 snow showers (night)
47 isolated thundershowers (night)

on Apr 21, 2008
Thanks bilbo these will come in handy but, when I try to copy the images it's in jpg format.  
on Apr 22, 2008
Just open my Dragon widgy( Dragon ) in dxbuilder, and navigate to : C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Stardock\DesktopX\CurrentTheme folder, you will see those images in png format there.
on Apr 22, 2008
Thanks bilbo got em'!!