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I'm using cursorxp 1.31 and for some reason it is now acting wierd. When I mouse over either my rainlendar or my desktopx widget the cursor goes underneath these two items, nothing else. Anyone have a clue how to remedy this?
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on May 19, 2005
I get that once in a while (1.31 +)
have no idea how to remedy
what i usually do is start switching cursor until it stops doing that

i'd like any info also - just didn't wanna 'bump'
on May 19, 2005
It's a very wierd thing indeed. Thanks for the tip. It fixed it but I find it strange that it does it at all. I wonder if it has to do with the other 2 programs. If I set them to desktop instead of normal that also fixes them but, then, you can't bring those 2 items to the top when you would like, you have to minimize everything else (not very convenient).
on May 19, 2005
Have you tried the hot key to toggle CXP on and off to see if that works?

I've seen the same thing myself, but I don't remember if I ever tried that.

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on May 19, 2005
Yeah, I tried that, didn't work.
on May 19, 2005
you can't bring those 2 items to the top when you would like

You can bring the widget up with the hotkeys - the default is f9
f10 toggles between show and hide completely

I show/hide my rainy calendar with ctrl+1/ctrl+0
on May 19, 2005
Thing is when you set the z order to desktop it goes under everything. Hence the reason you either have to move or minimize everything.
on May 19, 2005
set it to normal
on May 20, 2005
I know that. I was talking about trying to get the cursor to not go underneath. One of them was to change the z order on the rainy and DX to desktop.
on Jun 30, 2005
Sorry to bring this old horse to life again, but I just started having this same problem since Tuesday June 28. I've tried switching cursor themes, putting rainy 'on bottom' and 'on desktop', putting DX widgets on bottom, etc, but nothing has helped. It seems as though the image is going underneath everything, but the cursor hot spot is on top where it is supposed to be. The button images are changing on mouse over, etc.
**edit** After reading some of the other posts, is it possible this is also related to the IP3 update?

Is CursorXP still being supported by Stardock?

Has anyone come up with a definitive answer to this problem?

on Jun 30, 2005
Well, here's something new...the cursor is going behind Winamp Modern skins as well.

on Jul 01, 2005
on Jul 01, 2005
on Jul 01, 2005
bump please
on Jul 01, 2005

How's that?

Been searching the forums here, can't find another thread with this issue.
on Jul 01, 2005
check the stardock newgrp - didn't find anything useful
found one close but no solution
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