The DesktopX weather widgets are not working AGAIN. Weather Underground did something to their feed so for the past few days the forcast has been disappearing.

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on Apr 08, 2017


Been using XWidget. Very easy to skin. So far I have never ever had a feed problem.


There's Rainmeter weather widgets as well.

DesktopX isn't supported anymore anyway.

Chas do you use XWidget on win10?


on Apr 14, 2017


Chas do you use XWidget on win10?

Sorry just saw this. No I am still on Win7 and will continue to be on Win7

on Apr 14, 2017


neophil78 try using your postal code

Doesn't work (at least with Weather Underground ...)

on Apr 18, 2017

Mine are now working, including Weather Underground.

on Apr 19, 2017

How'd you get the weather underground to work?

on Apr 20, 2017


I just ran it. It works. I did nothing to it.








on Apr 20, 2017

Mine is ever showing "Saturday" ( + Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed) whatever day we are LoL

on Apr 20, 2017

Question. Is the weather url program specific or can it be used on others?

on Apr 20, 2017

My gadgets only use WU.

on Apr 30, 2017

Since a few days Weather widgets (using WU) are now working the way they should with affecting correct days ... ( )