Published on January 25, 2007 By RedBuzzard In OS Customization
I was wondering if anybody else is having this problem. I'll use for example the news feed gadget that comes with the xenomorph suite. I double click on it and nothing, I mean NOTHING happens. I look in the cache directory and it's completely empty. I would like to get this working but don't know how. Anybody know about this and how to fix it? Thanks.
on Jan 25, 2007
Right-click>Config? Properties? Should be a way to enter your own RSS feeds if it's an RSS reader. See CerebroJDs RSS reader and try it, see how to config. It's my favorite. Holds and displays up to 10 feeds, minimzes to tray, changes color and transparency levels via Properties and(usually) remembers all the settings on reboot/restart. Just to make it all easier, I copied all my RSS feed links to a textfile on the desktop and if it restarts blank, the info's right there to copy & paste. Luck.   
on Jan 26, 2007
Right click on what? It doesn't open. I guess I should have specified that I double click on the gadget icon in the gadgets directory to open it initially and nothing happens.
on Jan 27, 2007
Whats your screen resolution?  Sometimes gadgets open off the edges of screens at low resolutions...
on Jan 28, 2007
Whats your screen resolution? Sometimes gadgets open off the edges of screens at low resolutions...

I usually ctrl/alt/del and see if the Gadgets running - and if it is , its usually off the screen. But changing resolutions at this point doesn't always find them as opposed to a widget being ' lost ' I can import a widget through DX builder to locate the missing widget but, you can't open a Gadget.